MAC Valves Meet The Challenge

MAC Valves is a specialist in air valve solutions for the filling industry, which meet all these requirements. Speed and repeatability, both critical filling parameters, are inherent benefits of the design.
The company’s patent pending Bullet Valve technology represents a step change in air valve technology. It features a unique “lifting” solenoid where the valve maintains a balanced design and so is unaffected by fluctuations in air pressure. This is a signature feature of MAC valves.The wiping action means that the valves are virtually unaffected by typically contaminated air. For more information on this product, please contact your local sales team at PECS or alternatively visit MAC’s website in the link provided below.


Demonstration Kits Prove Performance

Pneumatic Electric Control Systems trading as PECS are sole agents for MAC Valves in South Africa and provide high performance demonstration kits which prove the energize response time and repeatability of the valves.The Travelling Lab Demonstration (TLD) measures critical valve performance characteristics such as shifting forces, response time, speed, repeatability and flow. The Proportional Lab Demonstration (PLD) function measures critical proportional regulation characteristics such as response time, accuracy, hysteresis, repeatability and flow. They come with an animated software package which shows the inner workings of the various air valve designs. This is a powerful educational tool for demonstrating how air valves function.

MAC Valves Dust Collection

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