WPT Power Transmission Brakes, Clutches and Power-Take-Offs 2018-04-25T10:31:25+00:00

WPT Power Transmission Brakes, Clutches and Power-take-offs

WPT Power Corporation has been a leader in the power transmission industry, providing superior products with the highest of quality since 1992.WPT Power’s professional engineering department specialises in designing units that will meet and exceed your unique needs.

WPT’s extensive network of domestic and international distributors ensures that your product needs will be met when and where you need it. Our distributors are well-supplied with WPT inventory for those instances when demands are critical in order to eliminate major down time. PECS have been a stocking distributor for more than 15 years. For more information on this product, please contact your local sales team at PECS or alternatively visit WPT’s website in the link provided below.


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