Solving Machine Automation Challenges

Pneumatic Electric Control Systems (PTY) LTD (PECS) was started in Durban and Johannesburg over 40 years ago.
In March 2000 an office was opened in Cape Town and proved to be successful, therefore the decision was made to open a fourth office in Port Elizabeth at the beginning of 2003. The first year proved that our products and services were in demand and PECS committed to making an investment in Port Elizabeth.

What We Do

Our primary function, as the name suggests, is the design and manufacture of pneumatic and electric control systems. This area of exposure led to PECS securing their first agency, namely Wichita Clutches and Brakes. This agency has since been replaced by W.P.T. Power transmission. Over the years, further agencies have been secured, resulting in PECS having one of the most comprehensive ranges of clutches and brakes currently available in South Africa.
The Deublin and Deublin Italiana agencies then followed and is a unique product because it must be capable of containing very high pressures (Steam, Pneumatic, Oils, Coolant etc.), while rotating at very high speeds. Outstanding success has been achieved in the following industries:
  • Paper Manufacturing – where Deublin steam unions can be seen operating on the drying cylinders.
  • Steel Works – largest user of rotating unions for internal cooling of the rolls on the continuous casting machines

WPT Power take-off clutch fitted to wood chipper

Complete Solution Provider

To provide a complete solution, the Mac Air Valves and Tol-O-Matic agencies were secured in the early eighties. MAC solenoid air valves are renowned for their extremely fast response, reliable service life, high flow in small light packages and reasonable cost. Tol-O-Matic is the world’s foremost expert in rodless cylinder technology and in combination with their power transmission solutions being clutches, caliper disc brakes and float-a-shaft right-angle gear drives, allows us to offer innovative solutions with automation components. A recent addition to the pneumatic range is EDCO, a leader in vacuum technology that offers high quality cups, fittings and vacuum pumps.
During the late eighties, an electronic division was developed, with particular emphasis focused on A.C. Motor Speed Control and Servo Systems. The KEB product range has provided the perfect solution to fulfill this requirement and specific emphasis has been placed in the following applications:
  • Materials handling and warehouse systems
  • Lift technology
  • Textile
  • Wood working
  • Pumps
  • Fans
During 2006 PECS acquired two new agencies, namely Coremo and PHD. COREMO OCMEA manufactures mechanical, pneumatic or hydraulic brakes and clutches for the wire and cable, metal forming, steel, textile, paper, converting, packaging and other industrial applications. PHD Inc. with over 45 years’ experience, offers a full line of components i.e. cylinders, escapements, grippers, slides, rotary actuators, clamps, multi-motion actuators and switches / sensors.
PECS is the sole representatives in Africa for the following international companies / products:
  • MAC Valves Inc.
  • Deublin HOERBIGER Rotary Solutions
  • Deublin Italiana SRL
  • Goizper S.Co-op LDA
  • Matrix International LTD
  • Coremo Ocmea
  • Neuenhauser–Vorwald GMBH Airshafts/Chucks
  • Olab SRL
  • Aston-Tech LTD.
  • PHD Inc
  • Edco USA Vacuum Technology
  • WPT Pneumatic Clutches & Brakes
  • Tol-O-Matic Inc
  • Dellner Bubenze
  • Kinda Drives
  • Tekmatic SRL

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