Deublin Company is the leading manufacturer of rotating unions – a mechanical device that allows transfer of pressurized fluid from a stationary source into rotating machinery for heating, cooling or fluid power. Rotating union applications include air clutches, gearboxes, machine tool spindles, textile equipment, rubber & plastic manufacturing machinery, steel continuous  casting machines and paper machine calendar stacks. In 1989 Deublin product line was expanded to include steam joints and siphon systems for paper machine dryer cans. Deublin achieved ISO 9001 certification and authorized economic operator (AEO) certification.

What is a rotary union?

Rotating unions, also called rotary unions or rotary joints, transfer fluid from a stationary supply into rotating machinery, such as a spinning drum heated by oil or chilled water. Different types are used to match each set of requirements.



Hydraulic Oil


Thermal Oil


Multiple Media

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