Core Holding Equipment

Mechanical Expansion Shafts

410 MULTICORE series

Friction and Knife Shafts

Shaft Handling

  • Shaft inserts
  • Shaft pullers

Local Service Department

The following spares are available: 

  • Bladder
  • Strapping 
  • Lugs
  • Inflation tools
  • Strapping tools
  • Inflation valves

Miscellaneous parts

We also offer an in-house repair service on most expansion shafts available on the market today.

Classic Series

  • Mechanical safety chuck for slower speed applications
  • Machines used infrequently
  • Lower purchase price

VT Style

  • Mechanical safety chuck for slower speed applications
  • Flexibility in changing seat sizes
  • Maintenance to the seat
  • Models: ( VT1 VT6 VT7 )

Travel Master

  • Capable of handling rolls as heavy as 6200 pounds
  • Easy location of the roll for correct entry
  • Solves the “nudging’ problem

Pneumatic Safety Chucks

  • Pneumatic safety chuck for automatic operations
  • Blind loading
  • Reduces operator involvement


  • ESB Mini
  • ESB
  • DSB
  • Multibrake

Parts and Accessories

  • Locks Fingerguards
  • Hinge pins Inserts
  • Driver discs Spring and ball kits

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