Tekmatic Srl was founded in Castello di Serravalle in the province of Bologna in 1983. However, its origins date back to the 1960s when the TELMATIC company was established . Rotating tables, pneumatic gilding and tapping units and various other pneumatic equipment were produced. A long process of company choices led to the dissolution of TELMATIC and the birth of TEKMATIC with the aim of specializing in the production of pneumatic devices and in particular valves, solenoid valves and cylinders. Today, thanks to the competitiveness and above all to the quality of our products, we are a recognized reality in the production of pneumatic systems and spare parts applied to the most varied sectors.You can find us in Crespellano always in the province of Bologna. An exemplary commercial fairness, the speed of deliveries, the constant commitment to research and development, training, updating, the desire to experiment have led our reality to establish itself more and more in this sector and to allow us to specialize even more. interest in the field of compressed air applications.

Today we are at your disposal for the production and implementation of standard pneumatic solutions but also and above all customized . We believe in singularity and originality, we believe in tailor-made solutions. We invite you to contact us for information, advice, assistance.

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