Founded in Wichita Falls in 1992 WPT® Power Corporation has built an international reputation for excellence in the mechanical power transmission industry. Clutches, brakes, power take-offs, hydraulic pump drives and winches compose the core of our product lines. As one of the leading power transmission equipment manufacturers, our products are reliable and made from premium materials.

WPT has become a global leader in the industry providing heavy-duty pneumatic, hydraulic, mechanical and spring set controlled industrial clutch and brake products. Our standard lines are easy to maintain and are proven workhorses for Energy, Agriculture, Dynamometer, Forestry, Marine, Metal Forming, Mining, Off-Highway, Paper/Converting and Steel industry applications. Our engineering group offers successful solutions for custom applications or special designs.

Industrial Clutches

Whether it’s an application with a large inertia load that needs a controlled engagement or fast, high cyclical starts, it’s critical to use the right type of clutch when designing your industrial equipment.

Power Grip Clutch

Power Grip High Speed Clutch

Power Grip PO Clutch

Low Inertia Clutch

Low Inertia High Torque Clutch

Grinding Mill Clutch

Mining Clutch

Industrial Brakes

Whether you require tension control, low inertia, high torque, or spring set brakes, our products are designed to provide consistent, reliable performance. 

Water Cooled Brake

Low Inertia Brake

Low Inertia Spring Set Brake

Pin Drive Spring Set Brake

Mining Brake

Steel Water Cooled Brake

Copper Water Cooled Brake

Engine Driven Products 

Increase the return on investment of your equipment by installing them with WPT industrial power take off-s. Our air, hydraulic and mechanical PTO’s are designed to increase engine life and uptime, while simplifying installation times.

Pilotless Mechanical PTO

Mechanical PTO

Type 1 PTO

Type 2 PTO

Pilotless Over-The-Shaft PTO

GM Style PTO

Automotive Style PTO

Power Pump Drives

Multi Head Pump Drive

Multi Head Pump Drive 2

Pump Drive Incl. PTO

Hydraulic Power Unit

Python Hydraulic Clutch Control

Python Control Unit

Winches And Hoists 

Planetary or Worm Gear

Planetary Hydraulic Hoists

Planetary Hydraulic Winches

Worm Gear Winches

Swing Drives

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